Pioneer Frames

Pioneer’s Drywall (DW) Frames are formed on press brakes creating superior bending angles and stress-free field fit up. They are available in a wide range of jamb depths and can accommodate wall thicknesses up to 13'.

Pioneer’s Drywall (DW) Frames are designed to be installed after the erection of the finished stud wall, and are secured in place with integral pressure fit (compression type) anchors. Drywall Frames are manufactured for door thicknesses ranging from 1-3/8 to 1-3/4" thick.

Pioneer’s Drywall (DW) Series frames are only available knocked down with interlocking frame joints for field assembly.

Pioneer’s Drywall (DW) Series frames are available in 14, 16 and 18 gages in cold-rolled steel or galvannealed (A60) material.

Pioneer’s Drywall (DW) Frames come standard as Equal Rabbet with Double Returns. Single Rabbet, Cased Open, Unequal Rabbet Profiles are also available.

Anchors for Drywall (DW) Series frames are self-contained and included as standard. All DW Series frames include a compression anchor and a welded in base strap in each jamb.

Pioneer’s Drywall (DW) Series Frames can be fire rated up to 90 minutes consistent with procedures for proper anchoring, trim and return dimensions as well as reinforcement and preparation for approved fire rated hardware

Drywall (DW) frames are prime painted by Pioneers exclusive painting process, consisting of a three-part pre-treatment process, where frames are cleaned and phosphatized, rinsed and sealed. Frames are then force dried, electrostatically painted and oven cured for a durable and lasting primer finish in full compliance with ANSI A250.10.

Available Widths: 2'0, 2'4, 2'6, 2'8, 3'0, 3'4, 3'6, 3'8, 4'0

Available Heights: 6'8, 7'0, 8'0

Special Heights and Widths available; please consult Factory.


Kerfed Frames

Pioneer’s UNI-SEAL frame is manufactured with an integral groove allowing for the introduction of a compressible seal designed to provide a superior barrier against air and smoke infiltration, water penetration and sound intrusion. Pioneer’s UNI-SEAL gasketing is supplied loose for installation after finish painting. Gasketing complies with UL1784 and smoke requirements.

Terminated (Hospital) Stop Frame

Primarily in hospitals, or where sanitary conditions are necessary, Pioneer’s Universal Frames with terminated stops are available for ease of cleaning and the reduction of dirt collection areas. Stainless Steel Spats are also available.







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