Pioneer Doors

Extra Heavy Duty Doors (per ANSI A250.8):
Level 2 (16 gage)
Model 1 (Full Flush) or Model 2 (Seamless)
Physical Performance B (1,000,000 minimum cycles)

Pioneers Extra Heavy Duty doors are made primarily of 16 gage carbon steel and have been tested to 4,000,000 cycles in accordance with ANSI A250.4.

Extra Heavy Duty doors are available with a continuously welded seamless edges for heavy duty strength and a seamless appearance.

Applications include: Office Space, Industrial, and Institutional, including Schools and Hospitals. For a complete Usage Selection Guide, Click the link at the bottom.

Click here for the complete usage guide.


Swing options: RH, LH, RHR, LHR (Handed and Beveled), or Reversible (Square Edge)

Edge options: Lock-seam (H, HP, HR, HT, LW), Tack and Fill Edge (-F), or Continuously Seam Welded (CH, CHP, CHR, CHT, C)

Material options for Extra Heavy Duty doors:

Cold-rolled Steel (per ASTM A1008)
Galvannealed (per ASTM A924)

Standard Gage for Extra Heavy Duty doors are 16 gage.

Additional gage options:14 gage

Available Widths: 2'0, 2'4, 2'6, 2'8, 3'0, 3'4, 3'6, 3'8, 4'0

Available Heights: 6'8, 7'0, 8'0

Special Heights and Widths available; please consult Factory.

Standard Door Elevation is Flush (F)

Additional Elevations:

V = Vision Lite (10 x 10)
G = Half Glass Lite (22 x30 for 6’8; 22 x 34 for 7’0)
N3 = Narrow Lite (3 x 33)
N4 = Narrow Lite (4 x 25)
N5 = Narrow Lite (5 x 20)
NG = Narrow Glass Lite (6 x 30 for 6’8; 6 x 34 for 7’0)
L1 = Louver (12 x 12)
L2 = Louver (24 x 12)
L3 = Louver (24 x 24)
EH1 = Embossed 1 Panel
EH2 = Embossed 2 Panel
EH4 = Embossed 4 Panel
EH6 = Embossed 6 Panel
EH8 = Embossed 8 Panel

Pioneer Extra Heavy Duty Doors shall be cleaned and given one coat of baked-on rust inhibitive metal primer in compliance with ANSI A250.10.

Pioneer Extra Heavy Duty doors can be prepared for almost any hardware configurations. All hardware by others except where noted.

Click here for door fire ratings.


For Better Sound Properties, supply Honeycomb cores for Interior Openings. Panel has been tested up to 32 STC (ASTM E90, ASTM E413) and can be fire-rated up to 3 hours. Specify H Series for lock-seam (Full flush) and CH Series for a Seamless edge.


For Better Insulating Properties, supply Polystyrene or Polyurethane cores for Exterior Openings. Polystyrene (U-factor: .37, R-factor:2.70) and Polyurethane (U-factor: .34, R-factor: 2.92) cores tested in accordance with SDI-113-01 and ASTM C1363-05 (“Hot Box Apparatus”) and can be ordered galvannealed (A60) with top caps sealed against weather penetration. Specify HP (Polystyrene), HT (Polyurethane) for lock-seam (full flush) and CHP or CHT for a seamless edge.


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